Image Quality Tuning

Image Quality Tuning

Image Quality Tuning Services

Image Quality Labs offers image quality tuning and optimization services for customers looking to fine tune their cameras to meet their application specific performance requirements.

Our engineers have the knowledge and ability to provide turn-key image quality tuning services for both camera module and system (product) levels and support a wide range of camera sensors from Omnivision, On-Semi (Aptina), Sony, and others.

We also have experience tuning various platform ISPs including: NXP, Qualcomm Snapdragon, Texas Instruments OMAP, Allwinner V3 SOC, as well as stand alone ISPs from OnSemi, THine Electronics and others.

Image Quality Tuning Test Lab Capabilities

Image Quality Labs has fully equipped test labs to support a variety of camera tuning needs utilizing high quality and flexible lighting with multiple light sources allowing for a wide range of color temperatures and intensities that mimic real world scenes.

The lighting along with specialized test charts and both off the shelf and custom Image Quality analysis software allow for quick and accurate objective measurements that are repeatable to pinpoint improvement areas and optimization levels.

Image Quality Labs has developed proprietary objective and subjective analysis to ensure optimal image quality for customer specific applications.

Image Quality Tuning Areas

The tuning process consist of a complex system of hardware components (sensor/lens), platform/ISP, software device drivers, and image quality tuning tools. Our engineers have over 15 years of experience understanding these complexities coupled with considering customer application specific performance requirements to develop a tuning and optimization plan to ensure best in class image quality.

There are many areas of interest for image quality tuning:

  • Geometric Distortion Correction
  • Luminance Non-uniformity
  • Color Shading
  • Auto Exposure
  • Color/ Auto White Balance
  • Auto Focus
  • Gamma/Contrast
  • Sharpness
  • Noise
  • HDR
  • LED flash
  • Others

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