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We are looking for talented engineers that have a passion to support the development of advanced imaging technologies across a multitude of applications and industries through optimization of digital image quality

Senior Embedded Software Engineer
Posted on 9/9/2023

Responsible for every phase of the product life cycle: Conducting feasibility research, carrying out specification based on customer requirements (including hardware platform selection, early design of system architecture); Prototyping/proof of concept, using evk/raspberry pI/Beagle Bone/Arduino; Bringing up hardware, identifying/debugging/fixing problems within scope of the entire embedded system; Verification, validation, and customer support; and Developing software/firmware from device drivers, embedding Linux/Android user space applications/libraries to applications running on Windows/Linux, including development of Linux device drivers, firmware for different rtos/bare-metal platforms, plus VHDL/system Verilog for FPGAs; Linux applications/libraries and Android camera HAL for devices with image sensors; Windows/Linux applications that control, pull/decode streams from camera devices and display; optimizing device boot time, power consumption, camera streaming latency; customizing Bootloader, Linux, rootfs, achieving custom boot sequence, OTA, security features, etc.; managing Buildroot/yocto/Debian build systems and writing scripts/tools to implement custom features; and evaluating plans/schedules.