Embedded Camera Design/Integration

Embedded Camera Design/Integration

Embedded Camera Design/Integration

Image Quality Labs provides full turn key embedded camera module design and integration into customer's proof of concepts, prototypes, and final products. We have decades of experience in designing and customizing compact digital camera modules selecting the best components (lens, housing, image sensor, interconnect, substrate) for customer applications.

Camera Design/Program Management

Selection of sensor/lens, mechanical form factor, electrical interface, etc. to meet customer’s performance and industrial design requirements

Various custom camera modules designed by Image Quality Labs showing different FPC geometries, illumination, Auto Focus, Fixed Focus, lens mounts, and interconnects (B2B, ZIF)

Supplier interface between customer and camera module production to ensure quality cameras are manufactured

  • 2D drawing
  • 3D models
  • Camera Module Specification creation
  • Quality control of prototype and production builds
Image Quality Labs bridges the gap between module integrator and customers to make positive impact to all parties resulting in win-win-win partnership

Prototype/Product Integration

Camera/Image Sensor SW Development

Embedded Linux/Android System Design:

  • UVC, IPcam
  • Linux/Android system bring-up
  • chip selection(Soc, bridge, etc)
  • uboot/kernel/rootfs customization
  • secure boot
  • IoT security
  • V4L2
  • Android HAL
  • H.264, H.265, MJPEG
  • device drivers(camera, ISP, display, etc)
  • Linux/android application
Mechanical Assessment and Verification
  • Form, fit, function
Electrical Interface Verification
  • MIPI/parallel data timing
  • Power supply validation
  • Control and other GPIO signal characterization
Image Quality Baseline Testing
  • Conduct full scale image quality testing based on customer application and requirements (objective and subjective if applicable)
Image Quality Initial/Fine Tuning

- Based on baseline image quality testing results and customer requirements, develop an initial tuning plan to address specific key factors to optimize the image quality per the application

- Metrics of interest for testing/tuning

  • Sharpness
  • Distortion
  • LCA
  • Noise
  • Lens shading (luminance, color)
  • Auto Exposure
  • Auto Focus (if applicable)
  • Color/White Balance
  • Contrast/Gamma
  • Dynamic Range
  • Illumination (if applicable)

- Conduct any iterative fine tuning based on collaborative feedback from customer

Image Quality Final Test Report

- Conduct full scale Image quality testing based on customer application and requirements showing final image quality results

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