Konica Minolta Illuminance Meter (T-10A)


Brief Overview

The Illuminance Meter T-10A is a compact, lightweight, handheld instrument for measuring the illuminance of light sources (including new LED and EL light sources).

Product features

  • Simple, multi-function operation, with keypad cover to avoid accidental operation
  • Automatic Calibration, adjusts to zero at powering on for immediate measurement
  • Auto-range functions enables the instrument to have the ability to measure a wide range, automatic or manual setting
  • LCD screen, backlit, LCD screen displays average values, illumination, comparison of illuminance values
  • Portable, small, compact, and powered by AA-size batteries
  • Versatile, has the ability to measure flickering light
  • Interface with computer changed from RS-232C to USB
  • Measurement of PWM-controlled light sources


More Specifications and information about the meter can be found on Konica Minolta's website or you can contact us for more details.