IQL Flash Test System


Brief Overview

Image Quality Labs, Inc. now offers a complete Flash Test System for measuring the intensity and uniformity of flash systems, in both constant “torch” and flash pulse modes.

The system comes with 9 calibrated detectors that can be mounted on any flat metal surface via magnets, allowing for the accommodation of a wide range of camera field of views and test distances. The system can be expanded with additional detectors, if desired.

Product features




• Up to Eight Decades of Light Sensitivity
• Built in 33mm2 silicon photodiode
• Photopic correction filter to match CIE response
• Range: 0.1 lux to 950,000 lux
• Cosine corrected diffuser
• Operating temperature: -40 to 85 °C (calibrated light measurement 0-50 °C)
• USB: USB2, Including Power, for Single and Multiple Systems
• Size: 76.2 x 76.2 x 25.4 mm (3" x 3" x 1")
• Weight: 173 g (less than 0.5 lbs)


Flash Test System Demonstration from Image Quality Labs, Inc. on Vimeo.