Samsung Galaxy Note™ 3 vs. Apple iPhone 5s™ Benchmark Report


Brief Overview

Image Quality Labs tests top of the line smartphones to determine whose camera reigns supreme in today’s hard hitting image quality battlefield. These image quality test reports dig deep into how the device’s camera, as a system, performs and are jam packed with technical, objective image quality metric data to give insight into which smartphone has the best image quality. Reports can be used to support engineering R&D as well as strategic marketing, and enable direct comparison of objective and subjective results across products and serve as great competitive analysis benchmark.

Image Quality Metrics Tested: Sharpness, SMIA TV Distortion, Fieldof View, Lateral Chromatic Aberration, Non-Linear Signal Processing Response, Shading (Luminance and Color), Flash Uniformity, Dynamic Range, Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR), Color/White Balance Accuracy, and Subjective and Objective Assessments with Image Quality Labs’ custom natural scene.

Product features

This report compares the Samsung Galaxy Note™ 3 vs.Apple iPhone 5s™. It includes all of the data found in the individual reports.


Check out these pages, Samsung Galaxy Note™ 3 and iPhone 5s™, for more information on the devices compared in this report.


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