ISO-12233 Enhanced Digital Camera Resolution Chart


Brief Overview

Based on ISO-12233, the enhanced version has all of the original features as the original plus several new ones, such as; Star Sector target; 5° slant bar; 5° dark gray square for SFR analysis as well as a greater resolution range, from 100 - 4000 Line Width / Pixel Height and hyperbolic wedges.

Product features


The Enhanced ISO12233 digital resolution test chart comes in 3 sizes and can be printed on matte, luster, or glossy photographic paper.  Matte or Luster is recommended for larger chart sizes where it can be hard to uniformly illuminate without specular reflections.


Density Values:

Black Areas:  1.6

Dark Gray Areas:  1.1

Light Gray Areas:  0.5


Ordering Information:

IQL-TC012/1X:  ISO-12233 enhanced digital camera resolution chart.  Dimensions (mm): 200 x 356 active area (1X)

IQL-TC012/2X:  ISO-12233 enhanced digital camera resolution chart.  Dimensions (mm): 400 x 711 active area (2X)

IQL-TC012/4X:  ISO-12233 enhanced digital camera resolution chart.  Dimensions (mm): 800 x 1422 active area (4X)


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