Konica Minolta CS-150 Chroma Meter


Brief Overview

The CS-150 is a compact, lightweight tristimulus colorimeter for non-contact measurements of light sources and emissive displays. The 1° acceptance angle and TTL (through-the-lens) viewing system enable accurate targeting of the subject.

Product features

  • 1° measurement angle
  • Luminance measurement range of 0.01 to 999,900 cd/m2
  • Portable, lightweight, compact and battery powered(2xAA)
  • SLR (Single Lens Reflex), precise targeting; shows exact area to measure
  • Converts the color of the indicated area to numerical values
  • Quick measurements of the viewed object color without the influence of outside areas
  • Easy-to-read backlit display for viewing in dark areas
  • Includes Utility Software allows the instrument to be controlled from the PC via USB 2.0
  • Various optional accessories such as illuminance adapter and close up lenses.


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