Custom Front Panel Masks


Brief Overview

Image Quality Labs has developed custom inserts for our custom Transparency Viewers to make capturing images for lens shading and dynamic range measurements much easier.

Product features

The 50mm x 50mm cutout Mask coupled with the custom Transparency Viewer, provides a ~100% uniform field  allowing accurate measurement of Light Falloff/Lens shading. This mask cutout of 50mm x 50mm is specially designed to work with Edmond Optics neutral density filters to allow for even greater flexibility in creating desired luminance levels.


The ~8" x 10" Mask is a perfect fit for the Dynamic Range Test Chart, allowing for an easy way to block stray light from interfering with the measurement.


Ordering Information:

IQL-LA003/DRM:  ~8" x 10" Mask for Dynamic Range Test Chart

IQL-LA003/NDM:  50mm x 50mm Mask for luminance/color shading measurements


We can also provide custom masks for any test chart or application.


For more details please contact us.