~18% Neutral Gray (N5) Interior Wall Paint


Brief Overview

This paint is specially formulated to provide the user with ~18% neutral gray (N5) surfaces. This paint is used to create ideal surroundings for a variety of imaging applications.

For a background we offer a Metal Wall Panel for mounting charts using magnets. This provides an ideal matte/flat ~18% neutral gray surrounding to ensure proper camera auto-exposure when testing with smaller test charts, such as the X-Rite ColorChecker, the Log Frequency Contrast Chart, the Simplified ISO-15739 digital camera noise test chart, the ISO-14524 digital camera contrast chart, and many more.

Product features

This paint is specially formulated to provide a neutral spectral response (reflects back equal amounts of red, green, and blue) across the visible light spectrum in a variety of lighting environments. It is a must have for professional photographers, engineers, and image scientists alike to help assess or optimize an imaging system's exposure and color/white balance performance

  • N5 is a flat acrylic latex
  • Air-dry
  • For interior surfaces only
  • Can be applied with roller, spray gun, or brush
  • Available in one gallon
  • One gallon provides an approximate coverage of 350 - 400 square feet