~18% Gray N5 Metal Wall Panel (Chart Mounting)


Brief Overview

This wall panel was designed to hold test charts and allows quick interchangeability between many different charts. The wall panel has a surface area of 48"x48" (122cm x 122cm) which is big enough to accommodate large test charts. The wall panel has a neutral gray (N5) baked enamel coating with a matte/flat finish. The wall panel is attached using adhesive and has a small number of holes, along the perimeter, to assist with anchoring the panel to a wall. The wall panel can also be attached to a rolling stand to allow more flexibility for your image quality testing lab.

Product features

  • (N5) matte/flat baked enamel coating
  • Creates magnetic surface for ease of chart mounting
  • 48' x 48' (122cm x 122 cm) surface area
  • Optional rolling stand