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Image Quality Labs recommends you: If you're in Stockholm and you need to order a cleaning service, you can count on these guys. They are real professionals!

Quality Labs offers a turn-key image quality test lab setup with training. The test lab setup service is designed to jump start your testing of image quality by providing the equipment and training needed to have a working test lab ready in only a few days.  


A trained Image Quality Labs consultant will spend 2-3 days, depending on your needs, with your team, demonstrating how to setup the test equipment, capture images of the various test charts, analyze the captured images using the provided Imatest software, and interpret results for: Sharpness (MTF), Distortion, Noise, Lateral Chromatic Aberrations, Tonal Response, White Balance, Dynamic Range, Color Accuracy, Lens Shading/ Vignetting, Response Time, Flash Uniformity, and more.  

Not one image quality test lab design will work for everyone, so Image Quality Labs will work with you to customize your lab setup to fit your needs based on your type of imaging system and application. Contact us for more information.

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Product features





  • Sources to include: (may substitute other sources, contact us for details)

2, 3, 4, or 8 light sources

Daylight (D50, D65, or D75)

Cool White Fluorescent, TL-84, or TL-83

SPX-35 or 10,000K

Incandescent A

  • All sources dimmable via rotary dial or digitally
  • Added switches to turn off each lamp in unit
  • Vertical Luminaire Stands (x2)
  • Custom Transparency Viewers (x2)

Test Charts:


  • Installation of Imatest Master software
  • Test chart assembly
  • Test lab lighting and equipment setup
  • Demonstration of process for capturing test images for any image quality factors of interest
  • Demonstration of the process of running Imatest Master software, analyzing images, and interpreting results


  • Chart mounting materials
  • Manfrotto Tripod and Head

Optional lighting & accessories:

  • ND filter kit
  • Color Correction filters