Gossen M503G MAVOLUX 5032 B USB Illuminance Meter


Brief Overview

The GOSSEN digital precision luxmeters are classified according to DIN 5032-7 in Class C or B and EN 13032-1, Appendix B. Wide range of applications: for lighting engineers and specifiers, for the control of light sources, street lights, lighting of work places, public buildings, sport facilities, for quality control and quality assurance in the manufacture of lamps and light sources, for light designers and architects, for light measurements in agriculture, gardening and forestry.

Product features

  • Measuring Ranges: 5 ranges (with Luminance Attachment)
  • Standard Specification Class C acc. DIN 5032-7
  • Precision meters for measuring the illuminance in Lux and Footcandles meeting
  • The silicon photo diode is colour corrected, i.e. its spectral responsitivity is matched to the photopic daylight vision of the human eye V(λ).
  • Luminance can be measured in cd/m² or fL when using the Luminance Attachment (optional accessory)
  • Cosine correction for light inciding at an angle
  • Easy to use
  • 3 ½ digits display
  • Backlight display illumination (only in MAVOLUX 5032 B USB)
  • Data storage of up to 100 measurements
  • Auto and manual range selection
  • USB Port 1.1
  • CD-Rom with software for processing the values measured and controlling the meter
  • Compact transport case and USB cable included


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