Transparency Viewers


Brief Overview

Image Quality Labs offers a versatile solution for illuminating transparent charts. These sleek, smartly-styled viewers are precisely balanced to provide strict compliance with the photographic and graphic arts standards. These transparency viewers offer unexcelled viewer to viewer consistency. Each viewer is individually tested and are guaranteed to be within strict adherence to ISO standards.  They are well-suited for high uniformity measurements like luminance/color shading and dynamic range.

Product features


The viewers offer a highly uniform light source with unsurpassed versatility when outfitted with the options that suit your needs. They are available in the following light sources:

  • D65 (6500K)
  • D50 (5000K)
  • CWF (4150K)
  • TL83 (3000K)
  • TL84 (4000K)
  • SPX-35 (3500K)

*All units are equipped with digital dimming.


We provide custom front panel masks for lens shading measurements as well as a a mask perfect fit for the dynamic range test chart


If you are looking for a more complete testing setup check out out Turnkey Image Quality Test Lab Setup package


Contact us for further information on the options available and pricing.